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    More updates to come to Skyblock! Nicer changes. +[other info]

    Alright, guys, we are trying to make sure that skblock or this server in general forcing you to buy from the store. We rely on ads and donations. We will be setting up a shop where you can buy a rank or loot Keyes, but we won't advertise it or anything. We are going to make it where you grind...
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    Skyblock is back up!

    Alright so to those who were wondering why skyblock was offline for a few days, well we had some issues and i just fixed them. You can now play a more improved version on skyblock. Like I have stated before that this server is still in beta and the skyblock still needs a bit of work on it for...
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    Skyblock is down.

    Would you guys want the skyblock to be in 1.12.2 or would you like it to be compatible with 1.16.x?
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    Skyblock is down.

    I'm still working on putting the server together. However we may need you to use a 1.12.x client inorder to play it. I will try and find a workaround plugin that will allow players to use any client from 1.8 and up. Bear with me as I'm working as fast as possible. This will be a very fun...
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    Skyblock is down.

    Even though we just got done setting up the new server network for you to play a variety of different SMP game modes (and more soon) we have to take skyblock offline for a few days as we fix issues it has. One of the bigger issues it has is connection issues. Players cant connect to it and it...
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    Should we add the map to the vanilla SMP?

    Alright since we recently opened a pure vanilla server with no plugins or data packs, would you like it if we added in the dynmap to it so you can see where you are or friends? That server is using PaperSpigot for performance, and in case we do need to install plugins for any reason. So we...
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    What's being added to the sLab SMP.

    Since the sLab SMP is our enhanced/alter vanilla SMP server we have added in a few other things. One of the things we recently added was that shulkers will drop two shells, and will also respawn in the end cities even if it's been raided so you do have to travel thousands of blocks out to hunt...
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    Doing chores today, then playing more of the server.

    Doing chores today, then playing more of the server.
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    What is sleep?

    What is sleep?
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    Welcome to the forums!

    Het there everyone it's your friendly geeky owner here letting you all know that the forums are set up for you to enjoy and hang out as well as receive news updates like this one. Soon we will integrate it with the app or do much more to this site as the community grows. This is a community for...
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    I really should sleep but I can't yet.

    I really should sleep but I can't yet.
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    sLab App 9.9

    This is our app that is part social and part server companion. With this app, you will be able to see the world map for SMP, all the commands for each server, server info with photos, find out about server events, see videos about the server and even post your own videos about it, and the server...
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    Gonna get to fixing all this after a big Thanksgiving meal! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving...

    Gonna get to fixing all this after a big Thanksgiving meal! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! :)🦃