More updates to come to Skyblock! Nicer changes. +[other info]


Alright, guys, we are trying to make sure that skblock or this server in general forcing you to buy from the store. We rely on ads and donations. We will be setting up a shop where you can buy a rank or loot Keyes, but we won't advertise it or anything. We are going to make it where you grind out the game type to earn tokens to then upgrade your ranks.

That is one of the things we are currently working on is setting up the token system the right way for you to earn them if you play enough. We are also resetting up the voting system since before it was only voting for the SMP world. Now I will be updating them to where you will get rewards on each server. Also if we get 50 votes - might change that - the skyblock server will get apart. I will also get around to change that to each server.

Also, I have a new lobby ready for 2021 in January. I want to set up events where players can even submit server lobbies for us to use if we approve it.

I am working as best I can for all this community, I really hope you all appreciate what I do. I enjoy this server that I've built. I remember when I start hosting servers just as a normal vanilla SMP.